About Kiddies Ladder Lock

About Kiddies Ladder Lock

As parents, guardians and supervisors, we want kids to play in a their bedroom or environments with ladders without us worrying about them climbing the ladder. The truth is that, kids loves climbing and they would try to climb any available ladders they see.

Unsupervised, they can fall from the ladder and hurt themselves. They can even climb up the ladders and not be able to climb down and fall when trying to climb down.

This was my experience when one of my kids was 3 years old and managed to climb to the top of the bunk bed but couldn't come down and almost fell of the top when trying to climb down.

Kiddies ladder lock prevents toddlers access to most forms of bunk bed ladders and normal ladders thereby giving you peace of mind that they will not be able to climb the ladder and fall as a result of climbing.

It can be used on bunk bed ladder, garden house, school playground, retails stores with ladders products on sales (bed retailers), gymnastic halls and many more environment with ladders.

Kiddies ladder lock, Prevent access to ladders, Prevents ladder fall accidents, gives parents and guardian peace of mind, saves lives.

Kiddies Ladder Lock is Designed and Produced by STICCOCOM LTD ( Canvey Island , UK)